Photo editing

Revive or transform your photographic memories …

To offer as a large or medium print as a gift to relatives and friends. To present a video presentation at a particular event (birthday, marriage, funeral …)

The restoration of old pictures is an opportunity to enlarge the photos that are often too small or in a old format. The restoration of a photo makes it possible to erase a lot of wear and damage due to time:

  • Fading, fading, bleaching, yellowing, fading
  • Stains, scratches, folds
  • Tears, even a missing part

Photo editing allows us to beautify, improve and correct all types of photos. Either by deleting or adding objects or characters – fixing light / color – adjusting the contrast – modifying or replacing the background – turn a color photo to a vintage black and white or vice-versa.

Whether you want to restore an old family photo or correct a recent picture, we have the expertise to carry it out.

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